Boiled Dried Shreds

Boiled Dried Shreds

by lisa is so numb

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Because the husband is from Zhejiang, the southern home cooking has become the main force among the dishes that he can cook. This dish was cooked indiscriminately before, and I often thought there was something to eat. How could so many people like to eat it? ! Later, I came to see the Shanghai auntie at home who made this dish. Now, with my dedication to cooking, my daughter who doesn't like soy products like me also praised it greatly!


Boiled Dried Shreds

1. Don't throw the chicken fat in the chicken soup.

Boiled Dried Shreds recipe

2. Shred shiitake mushrooms, shredded scallops, and set aside with dried shrimps.

Boiled Dried Shreds recipe

3. Qiansi boil with water first.

Boiled Dried Shreds recipe

4. Boil all the main ingredients and ingredients in the chicken broth. At this time, cook the chicken breast and tear it into shreds. Put it in when the heat is about to be turned off.

Boiled Dried Shreds recipe

5. After boiling, simmer for about 20 minutes, turn off the heat, and serve. Very fresh.

Boiled Dried Shreds recipe


If you have ham, add it and make it. It doesn't matter if you don't have it. I lacked it today, but it's still delicious.


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