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Chinese food is loved by people all over the world because of its good taste and rich nutrition

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Latest recipes

Seafood Mushroom and Carrot Short Rib Soup

Small Row, Seafood Mushroom, Carrot

Tremella, Wolfberry and Jujube Soup

Tremella, Jujube, Wolfberry

Tomato Beef Soup

Tomato, Beef, Parsley

Rock Sugar Sydney Soup

Pear, Crystal Sugar, Water

Winter Melon Ball Soup

Winter Melon, Pork, Ginger

Winter Melon Kelp Soup

Seaweed Strips, Winter Melon, Vinegar

Yam Corn Peanut Trotters Soup

Black Trotter, Corn, Yam

Fragrant Black Sesame Sauce

Black Sesame, New Peanuts, Honey

Secret Steamed Eggplant

Long Eggplant, Garlic Cloves, Oil

Braised Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel, Cooking Wine, Shallot

Tomato Sweet and Sour Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin, Sugar, Vinegar

Lemon Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet, Lemon, Shallot

Fried Duck Eggs with Black Fungus and Water Chestnuts

Water Chestnuts, Black Fungus, Duck Eggs

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