Chrysanthemum Apple Soup

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup

by Soft blue crystal

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Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival generally includes activities such as traveling to admire the autumn, climbing high and overlooking the distance, watching chrysanthemums, planting cornel, eating Chongyang cakes, and drinking chrysanthemum wine. But many people can't drink chrysanthemum wine, so a soup made of chrysanthemum is more suitable for the public.
A long time ago, calendula was grown in India. This orange-red or golden-yellow flower was revered as the "sacred flower." Calendula tea is the most common herbal tea in Europe. Long-term drinking has the effects of sleeping and detoxification. It can also prevent various diseases and is a kind of magical flower species. Calendula can also protect the digestive system, enhance liver function, and can also treat hemorrhoids. Drinking calendula tea can sweat, clear dampness and heat, and diuresis. Its flowers can also be made into salads for cooking to increase color and fragrance. Therefore, calendula is considered to be the best food for both medicine and food.
Eat it with Double Ninth Cake and have a delicious Double Ninth Festival.


Chrysanthemum Apple Soup

1. Add water to the casserole.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe

2. Put calendula in.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe

3. Dice the apple and put it in.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe

4. Add lemon slices.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe

5. Add stevia leaves.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe

6. Boil for half an hour on the fire. You can also put a steamer on the casserole to steam the Chongyang cake.

Chrysanthemum Apple Soup recipe


1. Stevia leaves are low in calories and are sugar substitutes. They are commonly used sweeteners for diabetic diets or slimming foods. So the soup is slightly sweet.
2. Calendula officinalis has good effects. When you have a mild cold, you can drink calendula officinalis tea, which can help reduce fever, cool down and reduce irritation. It is very suitable for patients with digestive system ulcers. In addition, calendula tea can also promote blood circulation and relieve alcoholism, so it has the effect of protecting the liver and nourishing the liver.


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