Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice

Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice

by Fire plated red leaves

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In a sunny afternoon, make a simple dessert full of warm taste for your family; soak the fermented wine juice with seasonal fruits, sweet, fragrant, slightly sour... at home Take a sip under the shadow of the flowers on the balcony, and the sweet little lady at home will be made!"


Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice

1. Preparation materials

Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice recipe

2. Fermented fermented juice

Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice recipe

3. Add proper amount of cold boiled water and powdered sugar to the fermented fermented juice, clean and soak the fruit, and cut into small pieces

Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice recipe

4. Put the pieces of fruit in the same bowl or bottle with the fermented rice and let it soak in the refrigerator for more than half a day.

Fresh Fruit Fermented Rice recipe


1. Bayberry needs to be soaked in light salt water, and other fruits can be washed with boiling water at room temperature.

2. If the fermented rice is sweet enough, or those who like sugar-free, don’t put sugar in it.

3. The whole wine can also be used to make juice without boiling water


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