Red Bean Paste Drink

Red Bean Paste Drink

by MissChen

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This big red bean was also planted by my mother this year. I have never planted this kind of bean before. Because my mother once went to the field to see other people planting, this kind of seed was given by that person. My mother said that she didn't know that we had a human race before, and she also said that there should be more variety in the year. Ha ha. . .

Because of the continuous rainy weather some time ago, others told their mother that the red beans were dead, and they had to pick up the beans as soon as possible, otherwise they would easily grow sprouts. My mother went and picked up some of them the day before yesterday. Sure enough, some of them had sprouts, just like bean sprouts. I was wondering if this could also be used to grow bean sprouts.

Taking advantage of the fact that the red beans were still fresh in the past two days, I quickly made some to cook them in the morning. Fresh is good. Soaking beans is omitted, and it is easy to cook, so convenient. . . "


Red Bean Paste Drink

1. Material drawing

Red Bean Paste Drink recipe

2. Wash the big red beans with water, put it in an electric pressure cooker and add enough water to choose and hold for 5 minutes

Red Bean Paste Drink recipe

3. Add sugar to the cooked red bean soup and stir until the sugar melts and set to warm

Red Bean Paste Drink recipe

4. Put the big red bean and bean soup into the soymilk machine to the upper and lower water level

Red Bean Paste Drink recipe

5. Press the juice button to make the soymilk machine work, and when you hear the prompt tone, the mixing is complete

Red Bean Paste Drink recipe


1 Because I use fresh beans that do not need to be soaked, if you use dried beans, you can soak them overnight.

2Sugar is added according to personal taste.


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