Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan)

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan)

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This is one of the delicious specialties in Doumen District, Zhuhai City. The sugar bun is sweet and salty on the outside. For a long time, it is also a farmer’s change of winter dishes (winter solstice food)


Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan)

1. Winter Solstice Food: Tangyuan

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan) recipe

2. Zhang glutinous rice noodles are boiled into a dough with cold water!

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan) recipe

3. One pound of powder and two slices of brown sugar cut into small pieces

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan) recipe

4. Zhang glutinous rice noodles, cut into small pieces and wrapped in brown sugar

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan) recipe

5. The ingredients are white radish, east mushroom, bacon, sausage, dried shrimp, lean meat, tired dry, duck core (chicken core)!

Sugar Bao Yuan (tang Yuan) recipe


Simple and easy to make, the special dishes for the winter solstice are made by rural farmers in Doumen District, Zhuhai: Zhang glutinous rice flour is boiled into a dough with cold water, two pieces of brown sugar per pound of flour are cut into small pieces, and Zhang glutinous rice flour is cut into a small piece to wrap the brown sugar. Shred the white radish and other ingredients to make the soup base, heat the pot and put in an appropriate amount of oil. Saute the garlic, bacon, sausage and other ingredients, and put the white radish and water into the soup! When the soup is boiled, put the glutinous rice balls in the soup and roll them until they emerge from the soup noodles and put in the chives to complete!
Glutinous rice flour: 500g brown sugar: two slices of minced garlic: appropriate amount of chives: appropriate amount of white radish: one bacon: half a sausage: one tired dry: half a tael of duck kidney (yaqin), two dried shrimps: half a tael (1 tael) )


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