Fried Rice with Ham and Egg

After eating two rice in a restaurant a while ago, I often cooked it at home. I feel that eating it like this occasionally is more fragrant than rice, and the nutrients contained in millet are very rich, which is good for gastrointestinal absorption.

It is also super easy to make. When the rice is soaked, add some washed millet to soak it and mix it together for cooking. The fusion of pure white rice and light golden millet makes people more appetite.

When cooking, I always make more. The leftover rice or porridge, or fried rice, baked rice, etc., are very quick and convenient. In the second spring of the leftovers, gorgeous flowers can bloom too!

A fried rice with ham and egg, with millet and oyster sauce, does it feel brighter? Give the ordinary fried rice a bright and fresh version, and feel the bright flavor like spring again!







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How to Make It

1. Dice the ham.
Wash the carrots, peel and dice.
Wash the onions and cut into small cubes.
Beat the eggs, add the cooking wine, and stir well.
2. Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add the egg liquid after the oil is hot, scatter it with chopsticks, stir-fry and serve.
Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add the diced onions when the oil is hot, and fry slightly. After frying the aroma, add the diced carrots and stir-fry until cooked.
Add rice, diced cucumber, salt, and chicken essence, and stir-fry evenly.
Add ham and eggs, stir fry, add oyster sauce, stir fry evenly, and serve.
1. The color of this fried rice is fresh, so try not to put heavy color condiments such as soy sauce or light soy sauce. Although the color of oyster sauce looks dark, it is not obvious when it is added to vegetable rice.
2. After putting in the rice, stir fry continuously to completely fry the rice, so that the appearance and taste will be better.
3. Two-rice rice is the steamed rice that is mixed with rice and millet.


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