Hot Lemon Tea

Hot Lemon Tea

by Light Meal International

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These two weathers are getting colder and warmer. Today I will share with you a hot drink-hot lemon tea, I hope you like it!


Hot Lemon Tea

1. Black tea soup production: Pour 1 bag of black tea, 250ml of boiling water into the tea extracting machine, and extract the tea at 4 levels.

Hot Lemon Tea recipe

2. Pressing juice: Pour 5g of perfume lemon and 30g of yellow lemon into the measuring cup and press the juice with a pressing rod

Hot Lemon Tea recipe

3. Stirring: Then add 180ml of black tea soup, 50ml of fructose,

Hot Lemon Tea recipe

4. Cut lemon

Hot Lemon Tea recipe

5. Pour 200ml of boiled water into a measuring cup of pressed lemon, then stir well,

Hot Lemon Tea recipe

6. Scoop out the perfume lemon to produce

Hot Lemon Tea recipe


Lemon tea is a regular drink on the menu of a drink shop, but without it, it seems to be incomplete. The most conventional drinks make an extraordinary taste, which is the real ability.


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