Korean Miso Soup

Korean Miso Soup

by love Xi private kitchen

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A bite of thick miso soup, a deep sense of satisfaction arises spontaneously


Korean Miso Soup


Korean Miso Soup recipe

2. Boil water in a stone pot, add a tablespoon of sauce and broth to slowly dissolve.

Korean Miso Soup recipe

3. The sauce cubes are completely dissolved and boiled, add tofu and bean sprouts and cook for 3 minutes

Korean Miso Soup recipe

4. If the soup is not enough, add a little hot water.

Add zucchini and cook for about 30 seconds.

This step should remove the foam on the surface, I'm just lazy!

Korean Miso Soup recipe

5. Put all the remaining ingredients in, turn off the heat, and add Daxida seasoning

Korean Miso Soup recipe


The key is whether the soup tastes authentic or not. Choosing the sauce is the key. The sauce sold in Korean supermarkets is not delicious. I chose the Korean homemade sauce bought online.

Don't eat zucchini and other green dishes too early, as they will be cooked badly and affect the taste.

The ratio of sauce to water is not fixed. It depends on the amount of food. If it is light, add less salt, and if it is salty, add a little water.


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Korean Miso Soup

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