Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes

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Fried rice cake is a snack commonly eaten by Northeastern people in winter

But now I don’t do too much, because the time is relatively long, compared to young people who like fast-paced, waiting is a difficult thing, well, I am not old, just a little more leisurely~! ~!

Originally I was going to wrap the bean paste, but the weather turned warmer and the bean paste broke, so I had to give up

It’s also delicious without stuffing. You can fry it fragrantly and eat it with sugar. You can eat a few in one breath.

But it's delicious and you can't eat too much, it won't be digestible~! ~! ~

Everything is the same, eat, no matter how good, just the right amount; the same is true for doing things and having fun, don’t live it~! ~! ~


Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes

1. Mix the sticky cornmeal (400g), cornmeal (100g), sugar and baking soda, boil one third of it with boiling water, and mix the rest with cold water to form a dough, put it in a warm place and ferment for about 24 hours

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe

2. Naturally fermented dough, grab a piece and taste it, it has a natural sweetness, it is fermented

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe

3. Take a small piece and round it

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe

4. Flatten

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe

5. Put oil in the pan and put down the flattened rice cakes

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe

6. Add sugar when you fry it until golden on both sides and you can eat it~! ~! ~!

Northeast Pan-fried Rice Cakes recipe


1. You can make the noodles in the evening in advance and make the next day. The natural fermentation tastes good
2. You can add more corn flour, the taste will be different


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