Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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This baby is 5 yuan a piece, soft and waxy, more moisturizing than bird's nest, eat more ginseng in winter!
The weather is getting colder and colder and entering November, we will soon usher in the first solar term of winter-Lidong starts from Lidong, and the temperature drops sharply when it officially enters winter. The cold air starts to force people and the weather is exceptionally dry. This period of time is to replenish water and prevent dryness. Don’t be greedy!
Drink more boiled water or honey water. Eat more foods that moisturize the lungs, replenish water, and remove dryness. Eat less spicy and salty barbecue foods. They are mainly nutritious, light, and easy to digest foods. Today I want to share with you a very good food. Tasty sweets, beauty and beauty effects leverage, children eat can promote growth and development, improve resistance to colds, women eat more, it has a good effect on improving skin texture, insist on eating skin more and more tender.


Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup

1. The main ingredient of this dessert is white fungus. Tremella is a very common food and can be bought in supermarkets of all sizes, 4 or 5 yuan each, and the price is very close to the people. But don't look at it cheap, eat it in autumn, it's really stuffed ginseng!

Tremella is good for qi, clears the intestines, nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs. Frequent consumption of Tremella can enhance the body's immunity and help fight cancer. Dry in autumn, eat more Tremella, and moisturizing effect, can improve the skin texture and make the skin delicate. And it can improve the liver's detoxification ability, protect liver function, and also help relieve fatigue and relieve cough. The trehalose contained in white fungus has the effect of strengthening and strengthening the body's immunity. Many people will catch a cold and cough at every turn in the autumn. When the weather is not very cold, eat more white fungus to improve your resistance quickly! This little dessert is particularly effective for coughs caused by Qiuzao.

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe

2. Soak the white fungus for more than half an hour in advance. When the meat is soft and waxy, remove the yellow stalks and chop the white fungus for later use.

The gum of Tremella is separated from the incision, so the more shredded it is, the more gum will be, the better the taste, and it can also reduce the time for stewing. This little trick is particularly easy to use. Those who love white fungus must try it.

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe

3. Jinqiu pears are peeled and pitted, washed clean, and cut into thicker slices.

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe

4. Pour the white fungus into the rice cooker, add two bowls of water, and cook for one hour with the porridge button. (The whole porridge cooking process is one and a half hours)

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe

5. The white fungus gel is slightly precipitated, pour into Jinqiu pear slices and cook for half an hour.

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe

6. The soft and glutinous and appetizing white fungus and snow pear soup can be eaten. Those who like sweets can add a few pieces of rock sugar for flavoring. If you eat sugar in autumn, it is best to choose rock sugar. The effect of moisturizing the lungs is better. Sydney has a faint sweet taste, and it's delicious even when eaten directly.

Autumn Pear and Tremella Soup recipe


Is it super fast, super simple! ! ! You can also eat more potatoes, white fungus, duck, spinach and longan

Simple ingredients, home-cooked methods, and reasonable collocation can make you healthy!

In autumn, anti-dryness is the most important autumn. You must drink plenty of soup, add more fresh fruits and vegetables, and make up your body fluids. Naturally, you will not always cough and catch a cold!


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