Tremella recipes

Seasonal Vegetarian Assorted

Carob, Garlic, Fungus

Pork Belly Soup

Pork Belly, Tremella, Sliced Ginger

Tremella and Red Date Soup

Tremella, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Pear Soup

Sydney, Tremella, Lotus Seed

Tremella and Sydney Soup

Sydney, Tremella, Red Dates

Kumquat Soup

Tremella, Kumquat, Red Dates

Nutritious Soup

Tremella, Barley, Oatmeal

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup

Lily (dry), Red Dates, Longan

Water Chestnut and Snow Pear Soup

Water Chestnuts, Sydney, Luo Han Guo

Peach Gum and Saponaria Michelle Tremella

Peach Gum, Tremella, Wolfberry

Lily White Fungus Soup

Tremella, Lily, Old Rock Candy

Pumpkin, Red Dates and Tremella Soup

Pumpkin, Red Dates, Tremella

Sweet Potato Tremella Soup

Sweet Potato, Tremella, Red Dates

Lily Soup

Tremella, Lily, Sydney