Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake

by Teacher Kong teaches cooking

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Zan rice cake is a kind of deep-fried cakes. Because of its method, it can also be called oil rice cake. Many people also call it deep-fried rice cake. The outer layer of the rice cake is golden yellow, and the inner layer is snow-white soft waxy rice cake. It is fragrant and crispy when eaten in the mouth, and it is crisp, salty and fresh.

The rice cakes are dried and generally served with soy milk. Since the breakfast is both fried, the breakfast stalls that make rice cakes often coexist with the dough stick stalls. It's hard to find the rice cakes in Chinese fast food restaurants, but Chinese restaurants are increasingly classifying the rice cakes as dim sum, the cuts are more delicate and the presentation is better.

If your breakfast is lacking in tricks, then I suggest you try this glutinous rice cake. You can add your favorite ingredients, like me, with Shanghai moss and bacon to increase the flavor, and the crunchy taste is great!

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake


Wash the rice and glutinous rice 3-4 times with water until the water is clear, and then soak for 10 minutes. (I made this recipe with "Yundaojia Rice". This rice is sticky and sticky. If you want to be more sticky, you can add more sticky rice.)

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe


Select the "fine cooking position" for the rice cooker to cook the rice. When the function is over, remove the lid and smell the aroma of the rice. Use a rice spoon to break the rice and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe

Cut the bacon into small cubes, cut the sushi seaweed into small pieces, and chopped green onion for later use.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe


Pour into a bowl with rice, add a little salt, and stir evenly with chopsticks.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe

Take a square mold with a movable bottom, and use a brush to apply thin oil on the bottom and the sides to prevent sticking. The well-mixed rice balls are put into the mold, and pressed firmly with a spoon, and then covered with insurance film and kept in the refrigerator overnight.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe

Take out the refrigerated mold and cut the rice cake into rectangular pieces after demoulding.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe


Heat an appropriate amount of edible oil in the pot until it is 7 minutes hot. Use chopsticks to add the rice cakes one by one and fry them until golden. (If you don’t want to deep-fry, you can put a little more cooking oil in the pan and fry until golden brown.)

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe

8. Drain the oil and remove it for serving.

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake recipe



1/ If your rice is not very sticky, you can add more glutinous rice to make it together.

2/ The mold can be used as a non-stick mold for cakes, either round or square.


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