Appropriate Amount of Edible Oil recipes

Curry Chicken Rice [ms. Kong Teaches Cooking]

300g Rice, 2 Chicken Thighs, 60g Onions

Bacon Seaweed Rice Cake

100 Grams Of Rice, 2 Slices Of Bacon, 100 Grams Of Glutinous Rice

Stir-fried Tofu with Parsley

Celery, Dried Tofu, Lean Meat

Shepherd's Purse Spring Rolls [ms. Kong Teaches Cooking]

300g Pork Leg, 25 Spring Roll Wrappers, 100 Grams Of Spring Bamboo Shoots

Tiger Skin Eggs [teacher Kong to Cook]

12 Eggs, 3 Scallions, 3 Slices Of Ginger

Brushed Potatoes [ms. Kong Teaches Cooking]

2 Potatoes (about 300 Grams), 100 Grams Of Glutinous Rice Flour, 20 Grams Of Caster Sugar

Dry Croquettes

500g Pork, 1 Egg, 1 White Steamed Bun

Fried Milk [teacher Kong to Cook]

500g Milk, Vietnamese Spring Roll Wrappers, 100 Grams Of Starch

Shredded Radish and Bacon Cake [teacher Kong to Cook]

120g Flour, 30 Grams Of Bacon, 300g Green Radish

A Snack that is Crispy on The Outside and Waxy on The Inside, Take A Bite, and Warm It to The Heart——

500g Glutinous Rice, 100 Grams Of Brown Sugar, Appropriate Amount Of Edible Oil

Making Fried Dough Sticks

220g High-gluten Flour, 20 Grams Of Whole Egg Liquid, 15 Grams Of Corn Oil

Fried Dumplings with Eggs [ms. Kong Teaches Cooking]

300g Pork, Right Amount Of Dumpling Skin, Celery 100g

Dumpling Pancakes [ms. Kong Teaches Cooking]

Right Amount Of Dumpling Wrapper, 3 Eggs, 300g Leeks