Cranberry Cold Noodles

Cranberry Cold Noodles

by Fire plated red leaves

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Cold noodles paired with fresh fruit jam, sweet and sour appetizer, you won’t be greasy if you eat more... the noodles are slippery, fruity jam is pleasant, the sweetness and sourness are moderate, it is really delicious; my son did When I ate, I said that I was right, and after a try, I nodded sharply.


Cranberry Cold Noodles

1. Prepare the ingredients, soak the cranberries in cold boiled water for a while, filter out the water, chop pineapple and apples, and chop cucumbers and carrots.

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

2. Put the pineapple and apple in the food processor, add honey and beat into a sauce

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

3. Dry broad noodles are cooked in boiling water

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

4. After cooling the cooked noodles, put them in the refrigerator for later use

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

5. Mix the right amount of Thousand Island sauce into the fruit puree, it's cold sauce

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

6. Take out the iced noodles, put in the cucumber shreds and carrot shreds

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

7. Pour the fruit cold sauce

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe

8. Put some cranberries on top and mix well when you eat

Cranberry Cold Noodles recipe


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