Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice

by Chloe475

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This is the egg fried rice that I checked and combined a number of recipes and made it absolutely delicious. You can try it~


Egg Fried Rice

1. Take out the white rice overnight and turn it over with a spatula to prevent it from becoming lumpy.

Egg Fried Rice recipe

2. Slice the pork belly, use the right amount of light soy sauce, cooking wine, add a little oil, and marinate for five minutes. Don’t add too much material or it will be too salty.

Egg Fried Rice recipe

3. Chopped scallion, garlic, millet pepper and set aside, beat two eggs and set aside

Egg Fried Rice recipe

4. Sauté the garlic, millet and pepper in the pot, not too high, otherwise it will burn

Egg Fried Rice recipe

5. Put the rice and stir fry for a while, add the egg and stir-fry with some light soy sauce chicken essence, white pepper, and stir-fry evenly, and finally put the green onions out of the pan

Egg Fried Rice recipe


This time I put too much soy sauce. The last time I put the ham and fry it looks better. See the finished product Figure 2


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