Fragrant Five Black

Fragrant Five Black

by Tianshan Cocoa

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"No fish can not make a table" is a Chinese tradition, and every Chinese New Year entertains relatives and friends with fish. Therefore, both the north and the south eat fish, but the place is different. The north makes fish mainly with thick flavors, such as roasting, roasting, deep-frying, stewing, and boiling. There are many water sources in the south, and every household often eats fish. The poor only need to eat fish. Just like we northerners eat meat, it is very common. Southerners taste very delicious when they make fish. And eating fish in the south is light and original, rather than steamed and stewed.

Protein is indispensable for the nutrition of three meals a day. The source of protein is nothing more than chicken, duck and fish. Fish is a high-quality protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It is loved by many people. Friends who like to eat fish but can't remove thorns are recommended to choose fish with few bones. Sea fish is easy and enjoyable to eat. And fish meat can be said to be easy to digest, replenish physical strength, and the best choice for brain and intelligence. As a housewife, the health of the family is the most important thing. Therefore, when cooking for the family every day, we must also pay attention to the combination of ingredients. There is a well-being proverb: "It is better to eat four legs than to eat two legs, and it is better to eat two legs than one without legs." This legless fish is fish. We are rich in Wudao Hei. This time, cocoa made "Piaoxiang Wudao Hei". It is really worthy of the name to say that it is Piaoxiang. I added Lao Ganma and the hot pot base, fry it with a strong fragrance, and deep-fried it into golden crisp. The fragrant five black, really mellow and mellow. The family also praised the delicious food, and all three tables were robbed. Wudaohei scientific name is red perch, also known as perch, commonly known as Wudaohei. It is named because of the 5 wide bands on the side of the body that span the back of the body. Red perch is a cold-temperate river and lake fish that lives in northern Xinjiang. Growth is relatively slow, reaching sexual maturity at the age of 3 winter, and the maximum body length can reach about 500 mm.


Fragrant Five Black

1. Ingredients: Five Blacks 3

Accessories: vegetable oil, salt, 50g green onions, 10g ginger, 20g hot pot base, 10g Laoganma, 3g cumin powder, 20g spicy skin, 10g beer, 5g light soy sauce, garlic 3 Petal, appropriate amount of stock, 10 grams of steamed fish soy sauce, 5 grams of sesame oil

Method: Wash and tidy up the five blacks, and use the cutting knife for spare

Fragrant Five Black recipe

2. Shred green onion, ginger, mince garlic, and set aside. Spicy skin is diced with cold water bubble

Fragrant Five Black recipe

3. Mix well with beer, scallion, ginger, steamed fish soy sauce, a little salt, and marinate the five blacks for more than 30 minutes

Fragrant Five Black recipe

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, heat the oil to 70% hot, add five layers of black

Fragrant Five Black recipe

5. Fried to five black stereotypes

Fragrant Five Black recipe

6. Fry on a low fire until golden on both sides, pick up the bitter

Fragrant Five Black recipe

7. Leave the bottom oil in the bottom of the pot, add garlic, cumin powder, pepper powder, spicy skin and stir fry to create a fragrance

Fragrant Five Black recipe

8. Stir fry with hot pot base and Lao Gan Ma to produce a fragrant and red oil

Fragrant Five Black recipe

9. Add the broth or water to a boil to reduce the juice

Fragrant Five Black recipe

10. Add sesame oil and coriander before cooking, and evenly spread the fried sauce on top of the five black dishes.

Fragrant Five Black recipe


1. The longer the marinade of Wudao Black, the more delicious and not fishy

2. When frying, first fry the five blacks until they are in shape, and slowly fry them in a low fire to make them golden and fragrant. Don't fry them in high fire.

3. In order to taste better and have a richer mellow flavor, if you like to eat lard, you can add half of the lard and half of the vegetable oil to stir-fry the sauce.


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