Kyoto Three-color Toast

Kyoto Three-color Toast

by Yaoyao Original Food Class

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Toast bread is one of the most trouble-free and nutritious food for breakfast. I will never get tired of it. Today I made another Kyoto three-color toast. The pink and tender color is very girlish. The method is very simple. The weather is still It’s not too hot, it’s very suitable for toast bread. With the right method, you can knead the glove film in 10 minutes. Glove film is a state that must be achieved when making toast bread. Many friends fail to make toast bread, but most of them don’t. Knead out the glove film and teach you a simple way to easily make delicious toast bread.

Quickly knead the glove film in 10 minutes, and easily make delicious toast bread. Novices can also make toast bread with zero failure. The most important step in making toast bread is kneading. I recommend that novice friends try to use professional kneading tools. Don’t try to knead the noodles by hand. The water content of toast is larger than that of steamed bread. Some friends use the technique of kneading steamed bread noodles to knead the toast dough, but the sticky hands are full of batter. Making bread is easier than making steamed bread. To make it in place, I used the new-style chef machine from Kas for kneading the dough. This chef machine is very quiet and the kneading effect is also great. You can knead a beautiful glove film in ten minutes.

Kyoto Three-color Toast

1. Mix the materials of the medium dough in a clean container, and ferment at room temperature to 2.5 times its original size. If there is no time to wait, refrigerate and ferment overnight. The dough does not need to be kneaded until it is smooth, just mix well.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

2. Cut the fermented medium-type dough into small pieces, put it into the kneading tank of the cook machine, add high-gluten flour, high-sugar-tolerant yeast powder, light cream, fine sugar, salt, ice milk, salt and sugar. At the same time, use a Custer cook machine to mix at low speed, and then knead the dough at medium speed for about three minutes.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

3. Add butter to the kneaded dough and knead at a medium-to-high speed. If the weather is hot, you can turn on the air conditioner to knead or tie an ice pack outside the kneading tank.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

4. About ten minutes or so, the dough will be able to pull out a beautiful glove film. The glove film is a vivid name. It is a state when kneading the dough. After fully kneading the dough, it can spread out into a thin film on the palm of your hand. Shape, like a glove, only when the dough is kneaded to such a state, the toast will be extremely soft.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

5. Take out the kneaded dough, arrange it into a smooth dough, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to wake up.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

6. Take out the dough and divide it into three equal parts. Add 2 grams and 5 grams of red yeast rice to two of them, and knead them into light and dark powder colors.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

7. Knead the three-color dough into a strip, plait it, fold the ends down, and place it in a toast box. The second fermentation takes about one hour. The suitable temperature for fermentation is about 35 degrees and the humidity is about 85%.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

8. When the dough is fermented to nine minutes full, put on the lid of the toast box, continue to ferment for ten minutes, and then put it into the preheated oven, the middle and lower layer, the upper and lower fire, and bake at 170 degrees for 40 minutes.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe

9. Toast bread should be taken out immediately, open the lid, shake lightly to shake out the moisture, and then let it cool at room temperature.

Kyoto Three-color Toast recipe


The toasted bread can be sliced after it is allowed to cool. Pack it in a fresh-keeping bag and store it at room temperature. If you make a lot, you can wrap it and store it in the refrigerator.


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