#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone

by Half a cup of tea.

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Abalone is very nutritious. 100 grams of abalone contains 2.2 grams of protein, 8.5 mg of calcium, 61 mg of phosphorus, and 8.5 mg of iron. The protein content is twice that of ordinary fruits and vegetables, and the iron content is about 20 times that of tomatoes. It is rich in carotene and multiple vitamins, which are very beneficial to human health. In addition, the leaf stems contain volatile mannitol, which is uniquely aromatic, can increase appetite, and has a health care effect.
It has high medicinal value. It is cool in nature, sweet in taste and non-toxic. It has the effects of dissipating heat, dispelling wind and dampness, invigorating the stomach and blood, clearing intestines and stools, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the brain and sedation , Vascular sclerosis, neurasthenia, headache, brain swelling, pediatric chondropathy, etc. have adjuvant treatment effects. Research also shows that eating more can also enhance the body's disease resistance. Foreign scientists have discovered that because abalone is rich in water and fiber, and contains a chemical substance that can accelerate the decomposition and disappearance of fat, it is a good weight loss product. "


#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone

1. Amount of Bao Qin (Special product of Zhangqiu, gift from a friend)

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe

2. Wash and remove leaves

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe

3. Cut into sections

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe

4. Scallion and ginger sauté fragrant, dried chili forgot to shoot

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe

5. Stir fry, add salt thirteen incense

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe

6. Put it on the plate and ship it! Ordinary celery is the same. Eating more celery can supplement dietary fiber. Come and try it now!

#trust of Beauty# Stir-fried Abalone recipe


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