Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Xiao Diao Pear Soup

by Fanty (from Tencent.)

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Today's theme-Xiao Diao Pear Soup↓↓↓
At first glance at "Xiao Diao Pear Soup", I am still wondering, but I know the pear soup, but what does Xiao Diao mean?
It turned out that Xiaohang refers to a copper lifting hanger. It was used as a vessel for weighing pear soup. One hang is a pot, and a half hang is a half pot, hence the name "Xiaohang Pear Soup".
As a regular sweet soup in the old Beijing city in autumn and winter, Xiao Diao Pear Soup used to be a must-have in theaters. It is boiled thick and has a faint amber color. Take a sip to moisturize your throat, and then a sip to warm your stomach. Completely comfortable.

Recently, the north has entered autumn, and the sky is dry and things are dry. Fanty is trying to deal with this unpredictable dryness. My friends will also join me to let the pear soup moisten it down ↓↓↓
I have tried all the mistakes before presenting the deliciousness to you. It's up to you to do it or not~~


Xiao Diao Pear Soup

1. Soak the white fungus for half an hour, wash it, and try to tear off small pieces.

▶Tear the white fungus into small pieces with your hands as much as possible, so that the gelatin can be cooked faster.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

2. Rub the skin of Qiuyue pear with salt, then separate the skin and flesh, cut the pear into small pieces, and save the pear skin for use.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

3. Add 600ml of water to the milk pan, add the white fungus and cook for 20 minutes.

▶It takes time for the white fungus to boil out of gelatin, so cook it separately for 20 minutes.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

4. Then add the pear meat, pear skin, wolfberry fruit, rock sugar, tangerine peel, add water that has not covered all the ingredients, boil it over high heat, and simmer for 30 minutes.

▶The traditional small hanging pear soup is filled with plums. Fanty uses tangerine peels. The taste is also very good. Remember to scrape off the white tangerines in the tangerine peels so that they will not be bitter.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

5. Stew until the pear soup is amber, the soup has a slight consistency, but is not sticky, and it's done. Isn't it easy?

▶If the soup evaporates during the process, you can add hot water.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

6. Pick out the pear skins before you start the pot, and you can enjoy them.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe


The traditional Xiaohang Pear Soup uses snow pears and plums, while Fanty uses Qiuyue pears and tangerine peels. The taste is also very good. Anyone can try it.

In addition, the reason why pear soup is called soup is that it is not as viscous as white fungus soup, but is more smooth and juicy, and has a better throat moisturizing effect.

Okay, foodies friends, you can start, next, it's up to you~~


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