Shuangli Decoction

Shuangli Decoction

by Xiaoran loves food

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Autumn is relatively dry. You can drink more soup and water to moisturize the dryness. Today’s bowl of syrup for health and nourishing lungs is Shuangli Tang, which nourishes the lungs and relieves cough. The "Shuangli Tang", as the name suggests, uses two kinds of pears, Qiuyue. Pear and Dangshan pear. Dangshan pear is more sweet and rich in juice, and Qiuyue pear has a good cough relieving effect. The combination of the two has a very good effect! Let's do it together~


Shuangli Decoction

1. Pour 2000ml of purified water into the casserole and turn on the fire

Shuangli Decoction recipe

2. Clean the pears

Shuangli Decoction recipe

3. Dangshan pears are peeled and set aside. Qiuyue pears do not need to be peeled. The effect of stewing with the skin is better.

Shuangli Decoction recipe

4. Cut the pear into pieces and set aside

Shuangli Decoction recipe

5. The water opens up into the pear cubes

Shuangli Decoction recipe

6. Put in 20 grams of yellow rock sugar

Shuangli Decoction recipe

7. After the pear water is boiling, turn to a low heat and simmer for 20 minutes

Shuangli Decoction recipe

8. The pear water is simmered, turn off the heat

Shuangli Decoction recipe


1. For Qiuyue Pear University, one is enough. Mine is relatively small from the tree in my hometown, so I use two. \n2. Qiuyue pear stewed with skin is better for relieving cough, you can peel off the skin if you don't like it. \n3. If you don't like to eat sweets, you can also leave out rock candy, increase or decrease according to personal preference.


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