Boiled Cabbage

Boiled Cabbage

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Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup (English name: Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup) is a famous Sichuan dish. It was originally created by the famous Sichuan cuisine chef Huang Jinglin when he was in the imperial dining room of the Qing Palace. Later, it was developed by Sichuan cuisine master Luo Guorong and became a fine product at the state banquet.
The boiled cabbage is made from the heart of Chinese cabbage from the north, and it is boiled with chicken, duck, ribs, etc., and seasoned with a clear broth of chicken and pork. After being cooked, it is fresh and elegant, with a strong scent, and the soup has a strong flavor, not greasy or greasy, but fresh and refreshing.
On September 10, 2018, "Chinese Cuisine" was officially released, and "Boiling Water Cabbage" was rated as "Chinese Cuisine" as one of the top ten classic Sichuan dishes. When Mr. Huang Jinglin was a cook, many people derogated Sichuan cuisine as "only spicy, vulgar and rustic." In order to dispel the rumor and establish evidence, he thought and tried for a long time, and finally created the "Boiling Water Cabbage" dish in the first place. The best product, the extreme complexity and simplicity are reduced to the realm, sweeping away the injustice of Sichuan cuisine that has accumulated for a hundred years.
Later, Huang Jinglin brought this dish preparation method back to Sichuan and it was widely circulated.
In 1954, Luo Guorong, a master of Sichuan cuisine, was transferred to Beijing as the chef of the Beijing Hotel and was responsible for the state banquet. He brought the cooking technique of "Boiled Cabbage" back to Beijing, thus becoming a blind delicacy at the high-end banquets of Beijing restaurants. "


Boiled Cabbage

1. Cut the main ingredients of the old hen, old duck, spare ribs and hoof into small pieces, and cut the beef into large pieces. Add cold water (cooking wine, a little rice wine) to soak for 1 hour, remove the blood and wash it again with clean cold water and place it on a colander to drain the water for later use. Wash the pot, wrap a piece of ginger around the pot body, put a little salad oil in the pot, wait for 90% of the oil temperature to add 2 slices of ginger, put the old hen, old duck, spare ribs, ham hoof, beef into the pot and add a little cooking wine , Rice wine and stir-fry until the color changes, breaks down, and the aroma comes out. Add mineral water and 2 small spring onions with large roll-shaped sections. Serve with high fire. When the water rises, adjust to medium and small fire and slowly remove the foam with a small spoon.

2. Remove the ginger and shallot knots in the pot. After processing, pour the broth into the casserole and boil it over a low fire for 5 hours. Do not add a drop of water in the middle, so you must control the amount of water. The so-called more water will make the soup. Not fresh, the soup is not enough if the water is too little. Chop the pork tenderloin and chicken breast into puree and set aside. After the broth boiling time is completed, use a sieve to isolate all the soup residue and floating oil in the casserole. Pour the clear soup into another pot, bring it to a boil, turn to medium-low heat, add the minced pork and stir well, wait for it to disperse slowly, the minced meat floats, use a small colander to remove the minced meat; boil.

3. Divide the chicken minced into 2 times, and do the same as the pork minced; finally, the clear broth is completely separated and the oil is removed. When the soup is fresh and clear as water, add a little salt and 2 drops of cooking wine to season. No salt. Then turn off the heat and filter with gauze, which is the foundation of high-quality clear soup. Check whether there are stems on the head of the cabbage, and throw away if there are any. Put the cabbage heart or baby cabbage in boiling water for 10 seconds, then rinse it out in cold boiled water, squeeze out the water, and use a toothpick to pierce it with some small holes. Finally, put it on a clean cutting board and trim it with a knife.

4. In another small casserole, add the cabbage heart or baby cabbage and wolfberry to the boiled broth over low heat to make it delicious. The time is not too long. Only a few wolfberries are needed. If there are more, the flavor of the broth and cabbage will be suppressed. Remember. Basically reaching the state of seemingly or not is superior. By this time, an authentic boiled cabbage is completed and the dishes are served.


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