Shallots recipes

Hot and Sour Potato Shreds

Yellow Heart Big Potato, Parsley, Shallots

Seasonal Vegetable Soup Baba

Flour, Tomato, Sausage

Garden Seasonal Vegetable Chicken

Chicken Breast, Shallots, Corn

Bawang Flower Soup

Overlord Flower, Pig Bones, Sliced Ginger

Delicious Fish Noodle Soup

Fish Soup, Vermicelli, Shallots

Tomato Pimple Soup

Tomato, Flour, Egg

Risotto with Tomato Sauce

Ham Sausage, Carrot, Red Chili

Kebabs with Lime and Seasonal Vegetables

Tenderloin, Red Pepper, Cauliflower

Seasonal Vegetable Chicken Breast Rolls

Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Bamboo Shoots

Wonton Noodles in Bisque Soup

Wonton, Noodles, Thick Soup Treasure

Steamed Rice Balls with Bacon and Seasonal Vegetables

Cooked Sausage, Cooked Rice Glutinous Rice, Corn

Fried Dumplings with Sauerkraut

Glutinous Rice Balls, Sauerkraut, Shallots