Buckwheat Sesame Cake

Buckwheat Sesame Cake

by Tips for Yanmen Qinggao Kitchen

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Black tartary buckwheat is rich in tartary buckwheat flavonoids, dietary fiber, and selenium, which can promote cell recovery, improve glucose tolerance, resist adrenaline, activate the function of pancreatic islets in diabetic patients, promote the normal production of insulin, delay aging and regulate blood sugar. Tartary buckwheat flour uses Yanmen tartary buckwheat as raw material, adopts advanced milling technology, extracts the essence of tartary buckwheat, grinds and grinds finely, and truly achieves "the nutrition of fine grains and the taste of coarse grains", and reasonable retention of Yanmen black The original natural quality of tartary buckwheat, advanced technology, modern production and management ensure that each product is high-quality, safe and nutritious.


Buckwheat Sesame Cake

1. Yanmen Qinggao organic pure tartary buckwheat flour and wheat flour are mixed in a ratio of 1:4;

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

2. Add warm water, mix into dough, leave it to ferment for half an hour, cover the surface with a damp cloth that has been wrung out;

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

3. Wash the sesame seeds, dissolve them with alkali, and set aside

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

4. 2 eggs, separate the egg white and egg yolk, put the egg white in a bowl and stir well;

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

5. Place the fermented dough on the chopping board, pour it out from the middle, pour in the lye, knead it evenly, knead it into a dough with a smooth surface, and then knead it into a large round cake embryo;

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

6. Heat the pan with oil, brush both sides of the dough with egg white liquid, mix a layer of sesame, and put it in the pan;

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

7. Cover with a small fire and bake, turn the cake every one minute, and bake until the two sides are golden, the outer skin is firm, the inside is soft and cooked, and the fragrance overflows, then it can be out of the pot.

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe

8. The buckwheat sesame cake is complete!

Buckwheat Sesame Cake recipe


Tartary buckwheat flour is a real organic food crop. It is a rare tartary buckwheat flour on the market. It belongs to pure tartary buckwheat flour. It is not as good as disease prevention and medicine is not as good as food. Long-term use of tartary buckwheat flour can achieve a drop of three. It has high effects, nutritional components and medicinal value far higher than other grains. It is known as the "golden partner of family diet" and is one of the staple foods in our daily lives.


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