Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Since I fell into the abbot this summer, the high temperature has been going on for many days. Cooking in the kitchen in such weather is really a chore. However, this kind of "carrot and lamb stewed rice" can be cooked with a rice cooker, and the food is prepared in one pot, which is both lazy, labor-saving and delicious.

But if you want to make it delicious, you are very particular about the choice and processing of mutton, the choice of rice, and the ratio of ingredients to seasonings. Let's talk about it with me.


Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice

1. Choosing boneless lamb chops is this kind of fat and thin. If it is frozen, refrigerate and thaw in advance. After washing, cut into long strips slightly wider than your fingers, and then cut into small pieces.

Tips: Don't choose tighter meat such as lamb leg or lean meat, which is not easy to taste, and the meat will become hard after it is done. It is not as delicious as lamb chops.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

2. Wash carrots and potatoes, peel them, and cut into small pieces. Onions can be diced slightly larger. Corn kernels and green peas kernels can be put in according to personal taste.

Tips: Although lamb and green onions are particularly good, do not enlarge the green onions when braising the rice, otherwise it will become silky when cooked, and the stickiness will affect the taste. Just use onions to get rid of the fishy, and it has a slightly sweet taste, which is delicious.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

3. Wash the rice well, pour it into a rice cooker, pour in a normal amount of water, and set aside to soak for 10 minutes.

Tips: Try to choose long-grain rice, because short-grain rice is more gelatinized, and the taste is too soft. If you braise rice, use long-grain rice to make it more vigorous.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

4. Take another small pot, add cold water to the pot, add star anise, green onion, bay leaves, cooking wine, stir well, pour in the lamb chops, boil the water. Wash off the foam with clean water, and remove the lamb chops for use.

Tips: The steps of boiling water can not be less, not only can remove the fishy smell of lamb chops, but also enhance the fragrance, remove impurities and slick oil, and make the stewed rice taste not greasy.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

5. At this time the rice is almost ready to soak, pour five kinds of dices and lamb chops into the rice cooker.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

6. Pour salt, white pepper, thirteen spice powder, cumin powder, and sugar into the pot, add a small half cup of water and a little light soy sauce, and stir well.

a. These kinds of spices all have the effect of removing fishy and improving fragrance. Light soy sauce and sugar are for freshness, and you can leave them alone.
b. Put 3-4 spoons of salt to make the stewed rice taste enough. Don't worry about taking too much salt. Spread it into a pot of rice, not much per bowl.
c. The amount of water must not be too much, only 30-50 ml more than usual. Too much water will not only dilute the flavor of the seasoning, but also lose its taste.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

7. Next, select the "Claypot Rice" function of the rice cooker and press start.

Tips: If the rice cooker you use only has ordinary rice mode, it doesn't matter. If there is a claypot rice function, there will be a crispy rice at the bottom of the cooked rice.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe

8. After the procedure is complete, open the lid and mix well before eating.

Tips: Friends who like spicy food can also add a little chili powder. My kids can’t eat spicy food, so it tastes very fragrant and tender.

Carrot and Lamb Braised Rice recipe


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