Durian Lily Soup

Durian Lily Soup

by Wanshanhong

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Zeng Gongzi Musang King Durian, the taste is super, golden flesh, soft and sweet, melts in the mouth, if you eat it without defrosting after freezing, it is the taste of ice cream, and the taste exceeds all ice cream, it is really delicious. Durian is a kind of warm fruit. If you eat too much, you will worry about getting angry. Today I used durian with fresh lily to complement the temperature and coolness. You don't have to worry about getting angry after eating. Because the durian itself is very sweet and waxy, there is no need to put sugar in it, but if you like sweet soup, you can put a spoonful of honey in it. If you like cold, you can just refrigerate it before eating.


Durian Lily Soup

1. Master Zeng’s Musang King Durian, defrosted in advance

Durian Lily Soup recipe

2. Peel off the core after thawing, leaving the flesh

Durian Lily Soup recipe

3. Pure lotus seed powder is used for thickening in the form of water and starch. Lotus seed powder is also cooling, used to neutralize the heat of durian

Durian Lily Soup recipe

4. Fresh lilies break apart

Durian Lily Soup recipe

5. Wash clean

Durian Lily Soup recipe

6. Put about 1 liter of water in the pot and boil, add the lily and cook for 1-2 minutes. The fresh lily will cook for a while. If you like a crispy texture, just bring it to a boil.

Durian Lily Soup recipe

7. Pour lotus seed powder to thicken,

Durian Lily Soup recipe

8. When it is boiled, it is off the heat, the lotus seed powder thickens the transparency and tastes better

Durian Lily Soup recipe

9. After turning off the heat, let it cool and put in the durian meat so that the nutrition of the durian will not be lost.

Durian Lily Soup recipe

10. If you like sweet soup, you can put some honey after serving it. Don't put it if you don't like sweet soup. I just like it.

Durian Lily Soup recipe

11. Super delicious durian lily soup. "Zeng Gongzi Musang King Durian, sweet and sweet flesh like ice cream"

Durian Lily Soup recipe


After turning off the heat, let it cool and put in the durian meat so that the nutrition of the durian will not be lost.


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