Fruit Sandwich

Fruit Sandwich

by Pinger WOYGN

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In the beginning of the school season, mothers are getting busy again, sharing a super quick and delicious fruit sandwich. Breakfast can be done in only ten minutes, and afternoon tea is also a good choice.


Fruit Sandwich

1. Toast slices, salad dressing. Chocolate sauce, three kinds of fruits, you can choose your favorite

Fruit Sandwich recipe

2. Put the bread slices into the toaster and turn on the third setting to heat

Fruit Sandwich recipe

3. When the bread is heated, prepare the fruit. Wash clean, absorb moisture with kitchen paper, slice for use

Fruit Sandwich recipe

4. Hot bread slices, squeeze a layer of salad dressing

Fruit Sandwich recipe

5. Spread another layer of fruit

Fruit Sandwich recipe

6. Put another piece of bread, squeeze the salad dressing, and spread a layer of fruit

Fruit Sandwich recipe

7. On the top layer, squeeze the salad dressing, spread a layer of fruit, cut the other extra fruits into small cubes, and put them on top

Fruit Sandwich recipe

8. Cut in half, or not cut

Fruit Sandwich recipe

9. Put the chocolate sauce in the piping bag and cut a small mouth

Fruit Sandwich recipe

10. Pour it on the prepared sandwich and eat it, serve it with milk and coffee for yourself, isn’t it fast?

Fruit Sandwich recipe


The coloring of the bread slices can be based on what you like, what you like, what you like, and what chocolate sauce is not to be ignored, or you can use salad dressing instead. I can watch the video directly or send me a private message


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