Avocado Sandwich

Avocado Sandwich

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Avocado, also called avocado, is rich in nutrients. It is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to promote gastrointestinal motility; rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can effectively reduce the content of fat and cholesterol in the blood, and can protect internal organs and blood vessels; rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace metals Elements and VB6 and VB9 grade vitamins are good for human health.
Avocado has no taste, but because it is rich in fat, it tastes a bit greasy when eaten alone. It can be used as a staple food such as salads and sauces. Today’s avocado sandwich is simple to make and rich in ingredients. It is perfect for breakfast, and it’s accompanied by a cup of avocado banana smoothie, not to mention so beautiful! "


Avocado Sandwich

1. Preparation: ① Make the soft-boiled poached eggs, boil a pot of boiling water on the stove, add an egg, boil the water and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, remove and drain the water. ②Cut the cabbage when the water is boiling, wash and drain, add some salt to marinate for a few minutes. ③Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit, crush the half into puree, and chop the other half (the chopped half is used for milkshake). ④The poached egg is ready at this time. Slice the square leg meat and fry it with a little bit of food.

Avocado Sandwich recipe

2. Assembly: ①Tear a piece of plastic wrap that is about 3 times larger than the toast bread slice, spread it flat on the cutting board, and place a slice of toast (toast slices can be repaired into a rectangular shape, and you can also put them in a pan for a little baking Lazy and didn't do it), put a little salad dressing. ② Spread half of avocado puree on the bread slices. ③Put the square leg meat on the avocado puree. ④Put the poached eggs. ⑤Squeeze the cabbage shreds and spread the water on the eggs. Pay attention to fill the uneven areas with the cabbage shreds. ⑥ Spread another layer of square leg slices. ⑦ Squeeze the salad dressing. (I squeezed mashed potatoes) ⑧ Cover another piece of toast and press it with your hands to compact it. Wrap the sandwich tightly with plastic wrap. (I didn't wrap it tightly enough, and it fell loose after cutting it, and it doesn't look good.)

Avocado Sandwich recipe

3. Cut it in the middle with a serrated knife and you are ready to eat!

Avocado Sandwich recipe

4. Attachment: Avocado banana smoothie. Ingredients: 1 banana, half an avocado, 1 pack of milk. Method: Chop avocado and bananas, put them in a food processor and beat them together with milk for 1 minute.

Avocado Sandwich recipe

5. A smooth and thick milkshake, without adding a little sugar, is only flavored by the sweetness of the banana itself.

Avocado Sandwich recipe


1. Because this sandwich is wrapped in plastic wrap, the filling is not easy to fall out. It can also be used as a lunch or fast food for children's spring outings. If it is not ready to eat, it is best to add some lemon juice to the avocado puree to prevent oxidation.
2. The filling of the sandwich can be matched as you like, and the ingredients can be exchanged. It would look better if the cabbage was replaced with purple cabbage.
3. The bread slices used to make sandwiches are generally rectangular. If you use Yamagata toast, you can cut them into squares with a knife.
4. Toast slices can be baked in advance, or baked in a pan to make the surface harder and make the sandwiches more beautiful.
5. Square thigh meat can also not be fried.


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