Lamb Dipping Sauce

Lamb Dipping Sauce

by Epoch Jamie 3511912325

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The dipping sauce is the companion of the mutton soup, and the delicious dipping sauce directly affects the taste of the mutton soup. Going to the hotel to eat lamb dipping sauce is so varied. Today, I made a bowl of dipping sauce to dare the hotel's dipping sauce to be more beautiful. Because there is one's own work in the seasoning.


Lamb Dipping Sauce

1. Prepare sesame sauce, oyster sauce, homemade chili sauce, homemade leeks, tomato chili sauce, cooked sesame seeds, sugar, and goji berries.

Lamb Dipping Sauce recipe

2. First mix the sesame sauce with warm water and a little sesame oil to make a paste.

Lamb Dipping Sauce recipe

3. Put all other prepared seasonings into the sesame sauce.

Lamb Dipping Sauce recipe

4. Stir the sesame sauce and other seasonings into a small bowl. Kai Shabu! Sprinkle with chopped green onion and chopped coriander. You can add chili oil to taste better.

Lamb Dipping Sauce recipe


The sesame sauce should not be too thin, and the dipping sauce should not be too salty.


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