Mung Bean Mooncake

Mung Bean Mooncake

by V+GIOCOSO1128

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"Four seasons are gratifying, the new autumn season is best."

The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early Tang Dynasty and prevailed in the Song Dynasty

Ming and Qing are as famous as the Spring Festival

And moon cakes are a must-eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Symbol of reunion and harmony

It is one of China’s most prestigious traditional snacks

"The biscuits are like a chewing moon, with crisp and syrup in it."

On sweet mung bean moon cakes are far inferior to other categories

Wins in finesse

The soft bean paste and the dense miss

Into the stomach and heart in one bite



Mung Bean Mooncake

1. Soak the peeled mung beans in water for 24 hours in advance. Wash the mung beans, put gauze in the steamer, pour the soaked mung beans, spread out, cover the pot and steam for 50-60 minutes.

Mung Bean Mooncake recipe

2. The boiled mung beans are shaken into puree with a fruit juice machine ice cream head.

Mung Bean Mooncake recipe

3. The pot is hot. Pour butter over medium-low heat throughout the process. Pour in the mung bean paste and stir fry to make the mung bean paste completely absorb the oil. When the bean paste is slightly dry, pour in the fine sugar. Continue to stir fry. Until you can hold a group.

Mung Bean Mooncake recipe

4. After frying, let it cool, divide the mung bean paste into about 45g each, apply a little oil to the mold, and then put it into the mold to press.

Mung Bean Mooncake recipe


At the middle of the year, the sky and the moon are as big as a silver plate

Round and high hanging

Can most arouse the affection of family

Under the bright moon, family enjoy the moon eclipse

Chang'e and Houyi get together for thousands of miles

Reunion is another year



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