Oatmeal Rice Sushi

Oatmeal Rice Sushi

by Lin Ma loves food

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Oatmeal fragrant rice is rich in nutrients and rich in many kinds of vitamins needed by the human body. The soluble dietary fiber contained in it can effectively regulate and control blood pressure. It is suitable for all kinds of people to eat. It is recognized as the healthiest food. one.
Today, using oatmeal fragrant rice to make sushi, it not only increases the taste, but also makes it more nutritious. If you like it, come and try.


Oatmeal Rice Sushi

1. Take one part oatmeal rice and two parts rice.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

2. Wash well, add appropriate amount of water, and steam it in a rice cooker.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

3. Beat the eggs and fry them in a pan until they become cakes.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

4. Wash the cucumber and cut into long strips, and cut the sausage into long strips for later use.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

5. Take a piece of seaweed and place it on the sushi curtain.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

6. The rice is mixed with a little sugar and sushi vinegar and spread on the seaweed.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

7. Spread the egg pie, top with cucumber strips, sausage strips, and shredded pickles.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

8. Lift one end of the sushi curtain, roll it up slowly, and press it tightly while curling it up.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe

9. Use a knife to cut into small sections with a width of about 2 cm.

Oatmeal Rice Sushi recipe


The filling of the sushi can also be changed according to your liking.


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