Pickled Fish

Pickled Fish

by Little Lotus in the Wind

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I like to eat butterfly fish recently. It has always been steamed. This time I want to try another sauerkraut butterfly fish. I added the Guotan Xiaodaoshi sauce-flavored white wine to remove the fishy taste.


Pickled Fish

1. Cut the butterfly fish into slices, add the marinated fish ingredients and the national small Taoist wine, mix well, and marinate for half an hour.

Pickled Fish recipe

2. Put 100 grams of oil in the pot and heat until 80% hot.

Pickled Fish recipe

3. Add the sauerkraut and stir fry for a fragrance.

Pickled Fish recipe

4. Pour in water or stock and add the marinated fish fillets.

Pickled Fish recipe

5. Add appropriate seasonings and simmer for about 6 minutes over medium heat.
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Pickled Fish recipe


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