Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing

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Preserved eggs with cold dressing is my husband’s favorite dish to go with alcohol, especially in summer, I often ask me to cook this dish for him. Not only the husband loves it, but the children also like to eat the preserved eggs I mixed. Every time the preserved eggs are eaten, the husband will use the rice with soup, which is particularly appetizing. It’s not good for a child to eat too much preserved eggs, but our child doesn’t listen, and always rushes to eat with his father. I am also very troubled.
Everyone can make preserved eggs with cold dressing, but if you want to make them delicious, there is a trick. I learned the secret of this cold preserved egg from a food expert, and improved it myself to better suit the taste of my family. When mixing preserved eggs with two spoons of beer, it will be more delicious, without the taste of preserved eggs, it tastes particularly enjoyable. The method is very simple, you can understand it at a glance, friends who like to eat preserved eggs, give it a try!


Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing

1. Put the preserved eggs in the pot and cook for 3 minutes, remove the shells and cut into small pieces, and place them on the plate.

Tips: Boil preserved eggs for a few minutes to kill and sterilize, and you can eat them more assured. Today, there are guests at home, so I used two types of preserved eggs, because everyone has different tastes. Some people like to eat Songhua preserved eggs with flowing yolks, and some people like them. Eat savory preserved eggs, you can choose according to your own preferences!

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe

2. Process all the chili and garlic seeds clean and diced.

Tip: If you can't eat spicy food, you can remove the pickled peppers and replace them with three different colored peppers, which will look better. If you want a good taste, you can't be too casual!

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe

3. Put salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, cold vinegar, and beer in a bowl and mix well to make a sauce.

Tip: A little sugar is just for freshness, there will be no sweetness, you can ignore it if you mind.

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe

4. Raise the frying pan, add garlic seeds and chili until fragrant.

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe

5. Pour the sauce and boil

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe

6. Pour evenly on the preserved eggs from the pan, tidy them up, and serve.

Preserved Egg with Cold Dressing recipe


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