Sea Bamboo Shoots

Sea Bamboo Shoots

by Mingyue Dance Tsing Yi

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Antarctic ice bamboo shoots are produced in the deep sea of Chile near the Antarctic Chiloe Island (CHILOE) with an average annual temperature of 4°C. They are a special kind of algae that look a bit like bamboo shoots. Ice bamboo shoots are rich in calcium, iodine, protein, amino acids and a large amount of seaweed collagen, and because they absorb cold for many years, the seaweed essence is higher than that of ordinary algae. Nutrition experts have pointed out that eating ice bamboo shoots regularly can balance physical fitness, resist aging, have a good whitening effect, and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Sea bamboo shoots have a plump and crisp taste. In addition to containing all the nutrients higher than terrestrial plants, such as protein, vitamins, cellulose, calcium, iodine, sodium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium, they are unique to the ocean. More than 20 kinds of nutrients: alginate algin, fucosterol, EPA (unsaturated fatty acid), SOD (superoxide dismutase), etc., as well as rich collagen white.

Antarctic bamboo shoots belong to the low-level marine cryptofloral plants in the biological classification-seaweed, because seaweed is rich in a variety of life active substances such as polysaccharides, high unsaturated fatty acids, taurine, carotenoids, steroids and kelp ammonia Acid, etc., whether used as daily food or extracting active substances as medicine, sea velvet has great benefits to humans.

Antarctic sea bamboo shoots can enhance the detoxification function of the intestine. The algal polyphenols contained in it can prevent the production of enzymes that weaken the detoxification effect in the intestine, and promote the increase of bifidobacteria with the function of regulating the intestine.

Antarctic sea bamboo shoots can be used as a diet food for obese patients because it is low in fat and contains a lot of cellulose. After eating a small amount, you will feel full. The fucoxanthin contained in Antarctic sea velvet can even activate UCP1 protein, which Can promote lipolysis. At the same time, it can also stimulate the liver to produce DHA, which lowers cholesterol levels.


Sea Bamboo Shoots

1. Prepare materials. Shred the green onion, shred the red pepper, and press the garlic into a mashed garlic.

Sea Bamboo Shoots recipe

2. .Soak the dried sea bamboo shoots in cold water for about 3 hours, don't soak for too long. Until all soaked.

Sea Bamboo Shoots recipe

3. Cut the soaked sea bamboo shoots in half, wash them with clean water, remove them, and control the moisture.

Sea Bamboo Shoots recipe

4. Put it in the seasoning bowl.

Sea Bamboo Shoots recipe

5. Pour the seasonings into a bowl and mix well until the sugar melts. Pour into the sea bamboo shoots and mix well.

Sea Bamboo Shoots recipe


1. Soak the dried sea bamboo shoots in cold water for about 3 hours. Don't soak for too long, otherwise they won't have a crispy taste.

2. Dried sea bamboo shoots are very light, so use a plate to press them into the water to soak.

3. Do not soak in hot water, otherwise the sea bamboo shoots will shrink and the taste will become as hard as cowhide tendons.

4. After the ice bamboo shoots are soaked, they must be cut open for better taste during cooking. The ice bamboo shoots are gray-brown, with a smooth texture and chewy texture. The best cooking method is cold salad, followed by stir-frying. For cold dressing, it is best to use the technique of "炝", and for stir-frying, "clear stir-fry" and "stir-fry" are better. When seasoning, salty and hot and sour are more suitable.


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