Scallion White recipes

Braised Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber, Scallion White, Ginger

Stewed Small Yellow Croaker with Sauce

Small Yellow Croaker, Soy Sauce, Aniseed

Pork in A Pot

Tenderloin, Scallion White, Carrot

Vinegar Shredded Potatoes

Potato, Red Pepper, Scallion White

Kung Pao Shrimp Ball

Shrimp, Cashew Nuts, Bell Pepper Chili

Lotus Chicken Tofu

Chicken, Tofu, Pea

Spicy Grilled Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Onion, Parsley

Wonton with Pork and Green Onion Stuffing

Wonton Wrapper, Lean Pork Stuffing, Salt

Steamed Cod with Shiitake Mushrooms

Cod, Ginger, Scallion White

Wild Shepherd's Purse and Mushroom Meat Wonton

Pork In Front, Cabbage Stem, Lotus Root

Sea Bamboo Shoots

Ice Bamboo Shoots, Red Pepper, Chili Oil

Diced Rabbit with Tempeh

Rabbit, Peanuts (fried), Scallion White

Homemade Sesame Oil

Pepper, Garlic, Peanut Oil