Pepper Oil recipes

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

Kohlrabi, Hot Pepper, Carrot

Griddle Seasonal Vegetables

Lotus, Small Vegetables, Thousand Tofu Skins

Soup Noodles

Noodles, Spinach, Egg

Quick Stewed Rice

Potato, Carrot, Beef Sausage

Beef Bento with Onion

Fat Cow, Onion, Doubanjiang

Radish Sauce

Radish, Millet Pepper, Garlic

Sea Bass in Soup

Sea Bass, Salt, Cooking Wine

Braised Rice

Rice, Potato, Sausage

Beef Vermicelli Soup

Stewed Beef, Rice Noodles, Oily Pepper

Sea Mushroom with Rice Pepper

Sea Mushroom, Millet Pepper, Garlic

Fried Bamboo Shoots and Fresh Meat

Flour, Shimizu, Minced Meat

Pig Ears Mixed with Cucumber

Pig Ear, Cucumber, Black Fungus

Chengdu Bell Dumplings

Pork Filling, Dumpling Skin, Salt