Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

by elsa1975

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The sea cucumber itself has no taste, so use chicken broth to soak it


Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

1. The sea cucumber was sent out in a week before. Soak astragalus in water for 20 minutes.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

2. Wash the chicken and put it in the pot. Add the green onion and ginger to remove the floating powder.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

3. Remove the floating powder, put in the mushrooms, mushrooms and astragalus again, turn to a low heat and simmer for 1 and a half hours after boiling.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

4. After the sea cucumber is simmered for half an hour, put the vegetables in the pot and start the pot.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe


1. Stewed chicken, the soup should not be too much, which will affect the taste. 2. Do not put too much green vegetables, it will absorb the umami taste of chicken soup. 3. Don't eat too much sea cucumber at once, which will affect digestion. 4. It is best to stew in a cast iron pot.


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