Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

by Macau Hongxiang Trading Co., Ltd.

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There is no story, it is very delicious and nutritious, don't treat yourself badly.


Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

1. Soak the flower mushrooms and matsutake in cold water one night in advance. Can be soaked in hot water for 30 minutes too late. Take out the slices

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

2. Wash half of the chicken and put it in boiling hot water, add ginger, add a spoonful of rice wine after boiling, and heat for 15 minutes.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

3. It is better to transfer the ingredients in steps 1 and 2 to a rice cooker or purple clay stew pot with soup function, and boil it with pepper and bay leaves for 1.5 hours.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

4. Put the sea cucumbers soaked in advance into the oil pan to get rid of the fishy. You can send a few more pieces at a time and put them in quick-freezing for use at any time.

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe

5. Finally, put the sea cucumber into the stewed chicken broth and cook on medium heat for 20-30 minutes. Foodies who like a little rotten sea cucumber can cook it for a while. Add some salt at the end to make the nutritious soup delicious!

Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup recipe


It’s very simple. Just prepare the ingredients and throw them to the rice cooker. Add a little salt and it will make your eyebrows fall off. The tired body can be resurrected with full blood. The body is the capital of revolution. Don’t be tired. Forget to take care of yourself


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