Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll

by Big pear

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Strawberry season is here~~~~~~~~~~~

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll

1. 1 After the egg whites are beaten with an electric egg beater to thicken the foam, add 1/2 of the sugar to the egg whites and continue to beat. After 20 seconds, add the remaining sugar and beat until hard foaming, and the egg whites should stand upright.

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll recipe

2. 2 Add the egg yolk to the meringue of method 1 in two times, and beat at the slowest speed for 3 seconds after each addition. The whipped nucleus egg yolk will slightly hang down.

3 Add the low flour + cornstarch that has been sieved twice, and stir the egg yolk paste evenly by scooping up from the bottom~ Do not make a circle

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll recipe

3. 4 Method 3 Put it into a piping bag, squeeze the egg yolk paste into a baking tray lined with anti-sticking paper, and squeeze it in in a diagonal manner. Then sift the strawberry powdered sugar on the surface of the cake, tap the bottom of the baking tray to remove air

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll recipe

4. 5 Put into the preheated 170°C oven, bake the middle and lower layers for about 13-14 minutes. After taking it out, immediately move the cake slices to the wire rack, tear off the anti-sticking paper around the cake slices, and wait for the cake slices to cool completely Then completely remove the anti-sticking paper

6 Use an electric mixer to beat the whipped cream to a firm state

7 In addition, prepare anti-staining tarpaulin or anti-staining paper. The cake with powdered sugar is face down, the whipped cream is spread on the cake slice, and the washed strawberry cream cake is arranged in order on the edge of the cake slice. The face stick assists in rolling up the cake slices. Put it in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes before taking out the slices

Strawberry Biscuit Cake Roll recipe


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