Carrot Protein Soybeans

Carrot Protein Soybeans

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Today I will share a snack that babies over 1 year old can eat. Babies after one year old have teeth and need to eat more things that can be chewed. Babies start to like to dance and dance at this stage. Small snacks can not only satisfy the baby's taste buds, but also exercise hand flexibility and eye-hand coordination. In the past, many mothers would choose to buy snacks directly, but now more mothers would like to be able to make them for their babies. That would be more assured.


Carrot Protein Soybeans

1. First, steam the carrots, press them into a puree after steaming, and let cool for later use. Weigh other materials first. Add cornstarch to the egg whites and carrot puree to the milk powder. It should be noted that the egg whites need to be covered with plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator until frozen before they can be used!

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

2. Use an electric whisk to beat the egg whites and cornstarch. We can mix the protein and starch at low speed first, and then turn to high speed to pass.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

3. Just hit until there are small sharp corners

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

4. Mix the beaten egg whites with milk powder and carrot puree. You can take a little egg white and mix initially

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

5. Then we do the final mixing. The method is similar to our usual stir-frying. Just turn and mix until the dry milk powder is invisible to the naked eye.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

6. The mixed batter has a consistency, and you can see that it is not thin when you take it out and take it out a little!

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

7. Take out a piping bag, put the squeezing nozzle into the piping bag, and then put the batter into the piping bag. The oven is preheated in advance and fires up and down at 100 degrees.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

8. Begin to squeeze the carrot protein solubilized beans. The baking pan should be lined with oil cloth or oiled paper, and be careful to separate it when squeezing. Squeeze vertically downwards, keeping the size as consistent as possible, so that the ripening time is more uniform.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

9. Bake in the preheated oven. We choose the upper and lower fire, 100 degrees, the middle layer to roast meringue beans. According to the size of the squeeze, the baking time cannot be generalized. It must be cooked on the premise. Bake for more than 40 minutes, you can take out one, taste, if it is not cooked, add time. The roasted melted beans can be easily removed from the oil paper. The surface and bottom are dry, and they are crunchy and melt in the mouth.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe

10. After we let the prepared soluble beans cool for a while, we will put them in a sealable container. I will divide it every time I finish it, so I can eat a small box each time. Don't make too much at one time, because there is no addition, it is better to eat as soon as possible, it is very convenient to make after eating.

Carrot Protein Soybeans recipe


1. Carrot protein soluble beans are suitable for babies over 1 year old who are not allergic to egg protein or carrots! You can give it to your baby for the first time, and you can continue to give it to your baby after observing for a period of time without any adverse reactions. 2. Some mothers may not squeeze the flower mouth, or the model is wrong, the flower mouth is not necessary, and the baby can eat any flower mouth and shape! 3. For mothers who have requirements for the appearance of the product, try to choose a piece of imported milk powder. It will not defoam and the shape will be better. But other segments can also be made


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