Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish

by de 意の尐籹生

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Sauerkraut fish is a famous specialty in Sichuan and Chongqing. The fish is fresh and refreshing, the sauerkraut is appetizing and the spleen, and the fish soup is delicious and delicious. Each pot of steaming sauerkraut fish is fresh and tender white fish fillets, deep emerald-colored sauerkraut. A taste, sour and refreshing is just right. After eating, the meaning is still unfinished.


Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish

1. Cut the block pangasius into slices

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

2. There are three bags of pickled cabbage fish packs, marinade packs, sauce packs and pickled cabbage packs.

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

3. Marinate the soy fish in the marinade for 10 minutes and grab well

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

4. Put the hot oil in the wok and stir-fry for 3 minutes

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

5. Pour in some water and cook until boiling

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

6. Pour it into a casserole for cooking, and pour the sauce in the sauce bag

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

7. After boiling again, add the marinated fish fillets

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe

8. It will be out of the pot in about five minutes

Appetizing Sauerkraut Fish recipe


It is cooked in a casserole to avoid nutrient loss and taste more delicious. As there is salt in the bag, there is no need to add salt in the whole process. If you have a weak mouth, you can put less marinade.


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