Tofu Fish Ball Soup

Tofu Fish Ball Soup

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There is always an old woman at the door of the food market who sets up a stall selling handmade fish balls. The business is very good. I have bought it a few times and the taste is really good.
Of course, the price is also very high-end for ordinary people like me.
There are two children in the family who often eat fish, which has a lot of benefits. So making fish balls by yourself is the most affordable, clean and hygienic, and you won’t use too much seasoning.
You can choose fish without thorns, such as pangasius, sea bass, cod and so on.
I usually use seabass. I turned the refrigerator today and found half of pangasius. It's okay, so I don't need to remove the bones.
Those who are too lazy to do it can do a little more at once, pack them into compact bags, store them in the refrigerator, and take them as needed.


Tofu Fish Ball Soup

1. Prepare ginger and a fish you like, preferably boneless. I used pangasius, which is economical and has a good taste.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

2. Chop the fish and ginger together into minced fish.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

3. Put it in a container, add chopped green onion and salt.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

4. Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine and stir evenly. It is best to wear disposable gloves, grab the minced fish and beat it several times to make the fish firmer.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

5. Grab a handful of fish, squeeze the fish ball out of the tiger's mouth, and scoop it up with a spoon.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

6. Add clean water to the pot in advance, enough to cook a pot of soup. Bring to a boil, add the fish balls, and blanch them.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

7. Until the fish balls are all floating, remove them and set aside.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

8. Prepare a piece of soft tofu, wash and cut into small pieces.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

9. Wash the Xiuzhen mushrooms and tear them into small flowers.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

10. Boil the fish balls in a hot water pot, add tofu, and boil for 1 minute.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

11. Then add the mushrooms and cook them.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

12. Finally, add the fish balls and boil them. The fish balls have been blanched and cooked, so there is no need to cook them again, which will affect the taste.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

13. Add appropriate amount of salt to taste.

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe

14. Out of the pot, sprinkle with garlic leaves, delicious!

Tofu Fish Ball Soup recipe


Any fish can be used for this soup, provided that the fish bones must be cleaned.
Do not cook for a long time, it will affect the taste.


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