Assorted Fruit Salad

Assorted Fruit Salad

by Simple 7700

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Making fruit salad for the first time, it turned out to be so delicious.
Because my husband’s stomach is not very good, he is not suitable for eating raw or cold food, even if he only tastes the fruit. Therefore, I rarely make salads.
On Christmas Eve, there happened to be a lot of fruits at home, and the little guy didn't like drinking water, so I collected all kinds of fruits and made this fruit salad. After mixing a lot, I thought there would be a lot left, but who knows, my daughter and husband rushed to eat, I only ate a little.
Mixed with Chobe salad sauce, the taste is really different!

Assorted Fruit Salad

1. Fruit ready

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

2. Clean the kumquat first

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

3. Sprinkle some salt and flour on each kumquat so that each kumquat is covered with salt and flour. After rinsing, remove the stalks and soak in light salt water for later use.

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

4. Pitaya digging ball

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

5. Cut the banana into small pieces. It's better to cut into small pieces

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

6. Peeled apples

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

7. Core and cut into small pieces

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

8. Peel the sweet orange and peel off the small petals

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

9. Cut small kumquats in half

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

10. Put all the prepared fruits together in a large plate.

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

11. Prepare the clear lemon flavor of Chobe salad dressing and the sweet flavor of Chobe salad dressing

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

12. Squeeze into the fruit bowl and stir with chopsticks and spoon. Let each fruit be dipped in the clear lemon flavor of Kewpie salad dressing and the sweet taste of Kewpie salad dressing.

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe

13. Really delicious

Assorted Fruit Salad recipe


1. Cut the fruit into smaller pieces to make the salad dressing more even and taste better.
2. You can add other fruits. I made this based on the fruits that I have available.
3. Be sure to clean up raw and cold things, especially if you have a bad stomach. Knives and cutting boards must be dedicated. Don't mix it with the cutting board.


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