Dragon Fruit Energy Soup

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup

by Soft blue crystal

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A new concept of nutrition is very popular now, that is, whole food nutrition. Because we eat every day, the nutrients we take in are limited, and many ingredients have nutritious parts, which are thrown away because they are not tasty or inconvenient to eat. With the wall breaker, not only can the food that cannot be eaten be mashed , Not only can enhance nutrition, add different ingredients, but also have different effects. Therefore, having a wall breaking machine is not only convenient for cooking, but also makes the body healthier!
Like this energy soup, it is full of the nutrition of five kinds of fruits and nuts. If it is eaten alone, it is more laborious, and it needs to be cooked. If it is made into energy soup, it is not only nutritious, but also convenient and convenient. Feel full.


Dragon Fruit Energy Soup

1. Bake the cashews, almonds, and peanuts in an air fryer at 180 degrees for about 3 minutes. After cooling, peel the peanuts.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

2. Wash the fruits and vegetables to be eaten, and peel off the skins of carrots and dragon fruits.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

3. Cut the kumquat in half and remove the seeds. Take half of the apple and remove the pits.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

4. Cut tomatoes, dragon fruit, and carrots in half.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

5. First add an appropriate amount of cold water to the wall breaker.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

6. Add all fruits and vegetables.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

7. Finally add the right amount of nuts.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe

8. Use a wall breaker, screw it to the fruit and vegetable stall, and hit it for 40 seconds.

Dragon Fruit Energy Soup recipe


1. You can add any kind of nuts at home. This kind of mixture is called synthetic nuts.
2. The skin between the outer skin and the flesh of the dragon fruit is very nutritious, and it is best to beat them together.
3. Use the wall breaker, add water first and then put the ingredients, it will be easier to beat.


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