Braised Headless Fish with Beer

Braised Headless Fish with Beer

by Heart moves

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No one in our house drinks alcohol, but I like to bring a box of beer and keep it at home. Sometimes when guests come, there is no need to rush out to buy them. In addition to drinking beer, one of the biggest uses is to use it as a dish. I believe many people have eaten beer duck, but have you tried beer roast fish? What the author shared with you today is a fish cooked with beer. The taste is surprisingly delicious without any fishy smell. Many people don't like to eat fish because they feel that the fishy smell is too strong and there are too many thorns. Then you might as well try this beer-boiled headless fish, which will definitely change your view of fish.
My family likes to eat fish, especially sea fish with tender flesh and few spines, which are the most popular. There are not many marine fishes that can be bought here in Jiangxi. The price of this kind of marine fish that has been turned around is not expensive at twelve yuan a catty, and the quality is cheap. I will buy it every few days, and every time I serve it for a while CD out.


Braised Headless Fish with Beer

1. Clean the headless fish first, scoring a few knives on the surface to make it easier to taste, sprinkle in 5 grams of salt and spread well, and marinate for a while.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe

2. Wash all the ginger garlic chilies and chop them. Our dishes are more spicy. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can lose part of the chili.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe

3. In the frying pan, add the headless fish and fry on medium heat until golden on both sides.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe

4. In a separate oil pan, add ginger, garlic and chili until fragrant, sprinkle in salt and stir well.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe

5. Add the fried headless fish and pour beer.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe

6. Then pour in the light soy sauce, cook until it tastes good, then serve it out of the pot.

Braised Headless Fish with Beer recipe


This kind of fish is fresh, and it has been turned around when I bought it. The author has never seen what the whole fish looks like, and I don't know what it was originally called. I only know that it is delicious, so I buy it often. Do you know the name of this fish? Welcome to leave a message to tell the author.


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