Butter Cube

Butter Cube

by Qiaochu Baking Diary

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Reference serving size: 24 yuan

Butter Cube

1. Add isinglass powder into cold water and soak for later use

Butter Cube recipe

2. Put plastic wrap in the rectangular glass container in advance to prevent sticking

Butter Cube recipe

3. Pour the coconut milk into the milk and stir well

Butter Cube recipe

4. Then pour the whipped cream into the milk and stir evenly

Butter Cube recipe

5. Then add the caster sugar

Butter Cube recipe

6. Then heat the mixture with warm water and stir until the sugar melts

Butter Cube recipe

7. Melt the soaked isinglass powder in insulated water

Butter Cube recipe

8. Add the melted fish gelatin liquid to the milk mixture and stir evenly

Butter Cube recipe

9. Finally, pour the mixture into a glass container and put it in the refrigerator until it solidifies

Butter Cube recipe

10. Cut the solidified custard upside down on a cutting board and cut into small cubes, then wrap it with coconut paste and serve

Butter Cube recipe


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