Taro Mochi Sandwich

Taro Mochi Sandwich

by Plums for gourmet

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The taro mashed mochi sandwiches are especially suitable for carrying out. They are full of ingredients and can be drawn. The taro mash has a very dense texture. With the mochi filling, the taste is very rich.


Taro Mochi Sandwich

1. Peel the taro, slice it, and put it in the steamer together with the purple sweet potato

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

2. Make mochi. Mix glutinous rice flour, corn starch, sugar, and milk. Stir until no particles are visible.

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

3. Cover with plastic wrap, pierce a few small holes, and put them on the steamer together, and steam them over water. The mochi is cooked if there is no white core in the middle.

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

4. Add the butter while it is hot. After the butter is completely melted and not hot, knead it like a dough for a while, so that the drawing will be very good.

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

5. Attach tightly, cover with a layer of plastic wrap for later use

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

6. Pure milk and condensed milk are added to the sweet taro and purple sweet potato and mashed into a puree. The more delicate the taste, the better

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

7. Use the breakfast machine to heat the toast for two minutes, then spread a layer of taro mash, then a layer of mochi, try to spread the edges and corners, and sprinkle with pork floss

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe

8. Another piece of toast is also covered with a layer of taro mash, and then the two pieces of toast are put together, wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap to shape, the taro mashed mochi sandwich is ready

Taro Mochi Sandwich recipe


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