Clam Egg Soup

Clam Egg Soup

by Flowers bloom

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My parents touched a lot of mussels in the dried fish ponds in the country. They took out the mussels, washed them and hid them in the refrigerator, waiting for us to go home and eat them. , I wish all parents in the world happy and healthy!


Clam Egg Soup

1. Add the right amount of water in the pot to a small box of thick soup to bring to a boil

Clam Egg Soup recipe

2. Stir the eggs and chopped mussels well

Clam Egg Soup recipe

3. Bring the water with the thick soup to a boil, add the beaten eggs and mussels into the pot

Clam Egg Soup recipe

4. Then add a few slices of perilla and boil

Clam Egg Soup recipe

5. The delicious soup is ready to eat, and my husband said that the soup is less cooked^_^

Clam Egg Soup recipe


The perilla is to get rid of the earthy smell of the mussels. If you don't have it, you can leave it alone, or put some pepper... this should be it!


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