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When I was shopping for vegetables, I mistakenly regarded the vegetable-selling auntie's "Yangxuecai" as a "healthy vegetable", and there was always a sense of inexplicable deception on the way home. Later, Du Niang took a look. It turns out that this product has some origins with Tusanqi, and it has the effect of dispelling fire and detoxification. However, many friends also left me a message saying that the dish is called "noodle dish" in their local area, and the method is similar to that of "Yu Qian Rice" sprinkled with cornmeal and steamed with garlic juice when it is eaten. However, in a rigorous and knowledgeable attitude, I carefully compared the noodle dishes from Du Niang and the noodle dishes I bought, and found that there are some differences between the two. The leaves of the noodle dishes seem to be thicker, while the noodle dishes do not seem to be. So obvious sawtooth, whether the two are the same species can only be distinguished by everyone's insight.

To be honest, the cabbage that I bought for a moment of curiosity is not very tasty. After blanching it, I tasted astringent. At the end of chewing, it feels very dry and does not have the texture of vegetables at all, but it tastes slightly bitter. It tastes better with enough vinegar and sesame oil. But in summer, "everything is growing, and the heart is hot", so you should eat more bitter vegetables to regulate the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, and relieve the fire.



1. Wash the cabbage to remove the old yellow leaves and stems to control the water.

Coleslaw recipe

2. Boil a pot of water, add a little salt (outside the amount) after the water is boiled, and blanch the cabbage until the leaves change color.

Coleslaw recipe

3. After blanching the cabbage, ice it with ice water to remove the astringency.

Coleslaw recipe

4. Add half a gram of salt to beat the eggs, put a small amount of peanut oil in the pan, pour the egg liquid in portions and spread over a small fire to form an egg cake.

Coleslaw recipe

5. Shred the omelet after cooling.

Coleslaw recipe

6. After the ice water is iced, the cabbage is slightly squeezed in water for later use.

Coleslaw recipe

7. Aged vinegar, salt, sesame oil, white sugar, mustard oil and white sesame seeds are mixed thoroughly as a sauce.

Coleslaw recipe

8. Raise the cabbage, egg shreds and the sauce and mix thoroughly. It will taste better after marinating for 15 minutes.

Coleslaw recipe


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