White Sesame Seeds (cooked) recipes

Sweet and Sour Short Ribs

Ribs, Shimizu, Shallot

Jade Jelly

Pea Starch, Cucumber, Shimizu

Sesame Spinach

Spinach, White Sesame Seeds (cooked), Wolfberry

Red Bean Paste Shortbread

Lard, Caster Sugar, All-purpose Flour

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits

Flour, Shimizu, Caster Sugar

Sesame Egg Biscuit

Low-gluten Flour, Butter, Brown Sugar

Daisy Coconut Bread

All-purpose Flour, Sugar, Egg Liquid

Chicken Noodles

Chicken Breast, Noodles (raw), Peanut Kernel

Simple Liangpi (no-wash Face Version)

High-gluten Flour, Sweet Potato Starch, Shimizu

Potato Glutinous Rice Cake

Glutinous Rice Flour, Potato, White Sesame Seeds (cooked)

Amber Walnut

Walnut, Sugar, Shimizu

Kelp Salad

Kelp (dried), Garlic, Vinegar

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fragrant Dried

Celery Leaves, Dried Tofu, Garlic


Nourishing Cabbage, Egg, Vinegar

Beef Sauce

Beef, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Green Pepper